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Astria Biosciences

Astria Biosciences, Inc is a Pittsburgh-based startup company 

developing diagnostic and therapeutic solutions

for cerebrovascular disease.

Our work is supported by NSF SBIR Phase I # 2335396

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What drives us?

Neuroscience and neurosurgery represent the last true frontiers for mankind. 

Recent advances in molecular biology, imaging, and diagnostics promise to transform treatment and diagnosis of both neurological and vascular disease.

We envision a future where some of the most complex issues in neurosurgery are made routine through the application of advanced molecular biology, high-throughput analysis, and rational approach to discovery in bio-technology.

To bring this vision to reality, we are developing a blood-based diagnostic test to detect and risk-stratify cerebral aneurysms as well as molecular-based therapies to combat this disease.

Meet the Team

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Chief Executive Officer, CTO

Kamil W. Nowicki, MD, PhD

Endovascular Fellowship, '24, Yale

Neurosurgery Residency, '23, UPMC

Endovascular Fellowship, '21, UPMC

UF College of Medicine, '16, MD, PhD

University of Florida, '08, Chemistry, BS

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Chief Financial Officer,

VP of Economic Analysis

Robert Dembinski, BA

Medical Student, University of Pittsburgh

Johns Hopkins University, '20,

BA, Public Health

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Chief Statistical Modeling Analyst

Ali A. Alattar, MD, MAS

Neurosurgery, '25, UPMC

Skullbase Fellowship, '24, UPMC

UCSD School of Medicine, '19, MD

UCSD School of Medicine, '19, MAS

Portland State, '14, Biochemistry, BS

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Business Adviser

Daniel Broderick

Entrepreneur in Residence

University of Pittsburgh

Innovation Institute 

Iowa State University, BS

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Chief Operations Officer, Treasurer

Aditya Mittal, BS

Medical Student, University of Pittsburgh

NRIF Research Fellow

University of Pittsburgh, '20, Neuroscience, BS

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Chief Medical Officer

Michael M. McDowell, MD

Neurosurgery, Assistant Professor, UPMC

Pediatric Neurosurgery, '22, UPMC

Neurosurgery Residency, '21, UPMC

Skullbase Fellowship, '20, UPMC

Columbia College of Surgeons, '14, MD

Arizona State, '09, Biochemistry, BS

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Chief Scientific Advisor

Robert M. Friedlander, MD, MA

Neurosurgery, Chairman, UPMC

Distinguished Professor, UPMC

Harvard Medical School, '91, MD

Brandeis University, '87, Biochemistry, MA

Brandeis University, '87, Biochemistry, BA

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Rohit Mantena

University of Pittsburgh, '26, Guaranteed BS/MD Program

Regeneron STS Top 300 Scholar

National Merit Scholar

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Most recent peer-reviewed work

from our academic collaborators


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